Insulation of a country house

During the construction of a suburban house of wood intended for year -round permanent residence, much attention should be paid to its insulation. To the part, today you can find a wide range of all kinds of thermal insulation materials on sale that allow you to maintain heat in the winter and save a lot of finances on heating. First of all, you need to take care of the insulation of the walls. If we are talking about a wooden cottage from a regular or galinded log, then it must be subjected to the hemp process, otherwise the heat will come out instantly from the home.

During the construction of a wooden country house, you may need the most different special equipment. Manipulator taps can be used to unload building materials, timber trucks for the delivery of logs, garbage trucks for the removal of construction debris, trailers and semi -trailers of various carrying capacity — for transportation of equipment. Having visited the official website of V-Cran LLC, you can purchase any special equipment of this kind at an affordable price and on favorable terms, including leasing.

With special care, it is necessary to insulate window blocks, correct openings and corners of the log house, if there is a need for this, because a large amount of heat usually goes through them. Large gaps are sealed with mounting foam, smaller ones — packley. No less important is the insulation of the ceiling. Moreover, it should be carried out even when it seems that the ceiling is practically not blown. The fact is that the flows of cold air are not particularly noticeable from above, but they take heat very quickly. Therefore, from the attic side above the ceiling, a layer of heat -insulation from sawdust or other material must certainly be laid. The ceiling sheathing from the side of the room with drywall allows you to create another effective barrier that protects the house from the cold.