Interior in the bedroom of small dimensions

As a rule, in old houses, and even in new new buildings, sleeping rooms are located with small dimensions, which greatly complicates the repair in them, because I want to not only make a beautiful environment, but also create a favorable interior in order to relax in the bedroom. Often, due to such a problem, repairs in this room are simply put off in a long box, if only for the reason that the bedroom is a purely personal room and the guests do not go there, but this is not right, because a third of their lives often spend just just in her. How to make the interior in such a small room beautiful and at the same time cozy?

The use of not large and compact furniture, along with a correctly selected color scheme, easily visually expand the boundaries of even 10 Metros Cuadrados. First you need to choose the right colors. White is in fashion now. He is beautiful and he does not create difficulty in finding furniture and the necessary materials. The main thing here is not to overdo it with white, so as not to create a strongly sterile room, which will most resemble a hospital ward. Por Otra Parte, you can give preference to bed tones or summer coloring. It is best not to create a contrast in a bedroom. The contrast, as a rule, is made in rooms where, on the contrary, a person needs to cheer up and tune in to work. The bedroom furniture needs to be selected, so that it would be convenient for the owners of housing themselves, and it did not take up much space. Así, for example, large beds, is not very appropriate to put in small -sized bedrooms. It is better to give preference to a sliding bed. Cabinets also take up a lot of space. Instead of a bedside table, coffee tables can be useful, especially if they are glass. Often a TV is installed in this room, which takes up a lot of space, but here you can save space on if you place this equipment on the wall.