Interior. Loft style

Loft style has appeared recently. The perfect apartment for creating such an interior of the loft style is a dwelling consisting of one large room. All residential areas will be combined in this room. This room will have a bedroom, living room. Moreover, in the same room there will be a bathroom and a kitchen, and even a toilet.

This style appeared when they began to redo industrial. The main difference between the loft style is the walls, even indistinguished, or simply plastered, but not painted or not pasted. True, recently the walls begin to process. The walls are painted, usually with light paint. Loft style prefers calm colors. The paints are light green. Creamy shades, beige.

The space of the existing large room is divided into residential areas. For this, it is proposed to use screens in the style. You can do simple. And you can divide the room with shirs that are designed in a certain style, or shirs without any pattern. It is allowed to use curtains instead of screen. Only curtains need to be hanged dense, heavy. The room can be divided into zones and using drywall partitions, gypsum -accommodation plates, plywood.

You can divide the room and furniture. In this case, each group of furniture must correspond to a particular room. Sofa — living room, kitchen — kitchen. All furniture that belongs to the kitchen must be installed near the window. Then you do not have to do additional ventilation. In the kitchen, moreover, there will always be a lot of sun and air. In order to add sunlight in the room, mirrors are installed opposite the window. By the way, the loft style interior is designed for rooms with high ceilings.

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