Living room in a modern style

Human life in our time can be called modern, and therefore his housing should fully match him. The first room in which repairs should be made in the apartment is the living room, because it takes place most of not only the family itself, but also various holidays and celebrations are held. Naturally, for such events, the room should be simply in perfect condition and not only from the outside, of the usual order, but also from the side of designer appearance. To make such a unique interior is quite simple, but you need to remember some rules and tricks that I use even designers with my work. So, for example, the living room Kyiv is an independent room, which betrays it such a status of lightness. Independence can only be said if the furniture and equipment that is needed in this room, and all other trifles except the decor are hidden in the closet or they simply do not. The color scheme in the living room should not be too cheerful, but should not depress. It is best to choose contrasting tones of light and dark shades, for example, yellow and lilac. For such tones, it is quite easy to choose both furniture and decor, and also often a vegetation is selected under the lilac color, which adds additional comfort to the living room. The furniture should be capacious and practical, and should also easily understand or develop as a transformer, so that, for example, at a time when there is no holiday in the living room, the table does not stand, blocking views all day, and interfere with just walking along all area. It will not be superfluous to use in the interior of the living room from decor, unique objects or antiques. For those who do not have money for antique things, you can buy ordinary paintings of reproductions that, in principle, do not differ in appearance from the original and is acceptable.