Living room on Feng Shui

The ancient Chinese have a doctrine of the interaction of the world and man — Feng Shui. A special place in this teaching is given to residential premises.

According to Feng Shui experts, the living room is the most important part of the house. This is the room in which guests gather, family members, holidays are celebrated. Therefore, it is not surprising that the living room is the center of energy flows. For this reason, the situation of this room should be beautiful, as well as attractive to positive energy. This is not so difficult to achieve if you apply the laws of the teachings of Feng Shui.

Usually, the largest room in an apartment or house is being dive for the living room. The doors of such a room should not beat opposite the front door in order not to release positive qi energy and not attract the views of outsiders. It is considered very successful if the living room window is not located opposite the door, because positive energy will be immediately removed through the window.

If you have just such a layout, then you can create an obstacle with the help of indoor plants that can be put on the windowsill.

If the living room in the left corner diagonally is the door to another room in the left corner, it is assumed that there will be no financial savings in this house, because this location contributes to their rapid removal. Experts advise in this case either tightly close that door or transfer it to another place, you can also put a large -leaved fast -growing plant in this place.

Warm calm tones help attract active yang energy, it is better to paint the walls in these tones. On the ceiling in the center of the room you need to place a beautiful chandelier, it will be a zone of luck and attract it to the house.

If you hang photos of family members on the walls, it will also help to attract good luck to the apartment. The main thing is that the faces in the photo are in a good mood, with smiles.