Looking for a new style for our apartment.

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Whoever says what, and search for style as a design basis is a topic not only for professional designers, but also for those who want to refresh the situation in their apartment. Of course, in our time you can already imagine how many designer innovations are used and have already been used, or rather have already gone out of fashion. Many of these styles are considered a real work of art, but all this is not that, many styles are no longer new and a little embarrassed by the modern consumer. So, for example, such a style as Barroko can replace many aesthetes of the beauty of their dreams and hopes, and yet for those who want to give their home or apartment, something new style Barrogo is simply not suitable. After all, it is impossible to retreat from him a single step, and any new detail simply turn aesthetics into chaos. The same can be said about minimalism, which now becomes almost the main style, creator of designer fashion. True, there are also problems with what to recreate in the apartment, something unique and unique, because minimalism does not tolerate something new, and the main thing is the void of the rooms. Such a style as avant -garde is best suited, since this style is quite new and has not yet managed to shore even designers. That is why the avant-garde should be used by those people who want to get not only beauty in the room, but even in addition and functionality, space and can be to some extent a fabulous look. In order to recreate the style of the avant -garde, you do not even need to call a professional designer, it can only have a small consultation, but in everything else a person can do everything without problems with his own hands. The main thing is compliance with clear lines, but the color scheme, the material remains at the discretion of the owners of the housing.