Methods of laying carpet and laminate

If you decide in the room to lay a brand new flooring — in particular laminate, then the foundation should initially be prepared by you. The base whether you want it or not, it should be firm enough, perfectly even and absolutely dry. All the flooring elements are always glued together by using a special spoon-pas structure. The groove to the wall is always laid by the very first row of such flooring as a laminate.The second row of laminate is laid from the trimmed number of the first row itself. The very first three rows are necessarily checked by using a ruler. The first rows, remember this, are always covered without the use of special glue.

The so -called spacer wedges are always inserted between the floor and the wall. Near the walls, in the openings of the door, at the joints with other types of coating on the floor, special gaps are also provided. If in your room the length of the walls is more than six meters in Dean and over five meters in width, then in this case all the allowances in total should be approximately about 15 mm.

After you have completely laid the laminate coating on your floor, we are waiting for the glue used to completely dry — this is about daylight hours. At this very time, we can just take out special spacer wedges everywhere. After a day, a laminate floor can easily withstand the load.

How to lay a carpet?

The Besecle method of laying carpet is used if the case takes place in a small -type -type room in size. So you need to lay the carpet so that its edges are about 5 cm above the baseboard. The material from the center of the room and in the direction of the walls is leveled using the video. The corners of the carpet should be cut, as it were, I see the beams V, and then the trim of it is trimmed around the perimeter. The coating can be fixed by using a special metal rail at the door.