Modern interior

Each owner is capable of equipping suspended ceilings in his own home. With regard to assembly, such structures do not differ in significant complexity. Just prepare a stepladder and the necessary materials. The latter are metal profiles for creating a frame and drywall or plastic panels.

The primary task of the owner is to apply marking. It is primarily applied on the walls. The marking is at a level where the ceiling itself will subsequently be located. Next is the ceiling. It should be noted those places in which the suspension profile will be attached.

The work itself begins with fixing the guide profile on the walls. From such a profile, it is necessary to equip a closed frame, which will become the basis for attaching ceiling profiles. From the latter, a special mesh is formed, into which ceiling plates will then be laid.

Когда площадь помещения достаточно велика, необходимо закрепить пересечения поперечных профилей при помощи подвесов, которые монтируются к потолку в нанесенных ранее отметках. Thus, a lattice design is obtained, which preserves the shape well and acts as an excellent basis for the subsequent installation of facing panels.

When the frame is ready, the selected panels themselves begin to lay in it. In this case, consolidation is carried out using simple screws. If the panels are made of plastic, then it is more rational to use dowels for this purpose.

It is worth noting that attach all ceiling plates to the frame irrational. It is necessary to leave several panels with non -fixed. Then at any time it will be possible to access the ceiling space.

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