New apartment: decoration for years

When moving to a new apartment, we always want it to look in a special way, so that the repair made there is maintained for more than one or two years.

Modern materials and modern technologies allow not only to make high -quality and durable repairs, but also for the prospect to apply materials that will allow a year in two years easily, without large costs, update the room.

So the managers of the company Tricolor advise before buying the material and start repairing, consult with specialists to understand which materials are better to use and how to start repairing how correctly.

So, first of all, it is necessary to close the batteries, and with special screens that will not “eat” heat, but at the same time they will give the apartment an ennobled look. Then they start the ceiling. Stretch ceiling is a popular trend, it is really convenient and durable. It is especially pleasant that there is no need to whiten it every year, it is enough to wipe it several times a year so that it is as white and clean as at the very beginning.

Walls — some prefer wallpaper, some make a panel with a type of nature. Someone tighten the walls with a cloth. In any case, it is necessary to proceed with practical reasons. Liquid wallpaper is a good option for new apartments. They can be renewed over time, while the texture of the walls remains beautiful, the pattern does not bother, the room breathes. Fabric is also good, but it must often be vacuumed, follow it. Pets, especially cats, will definitely try to flood the claws about this tissue.

Well, the floor. Laminate, parquet, other materials allow the floor to make the floor perfectly even and beautiful. And not only. They also make an apartment easily removed. What is pleasant to housewives.