New life for unnecessary things: skillful restoration

To create comfort in the apartment, you can use old items that are easy to give the desired form. For example, from an old suitcase you can build a flower bed with flowers. Put an unnecessary frying age on the bottom, lay a absorbing diaper on top. This device can be used to store pots with hyacinths, crocuses, tulips. Such an idea for the home will like any housewife.

With the help of varnishes, glue, polymer clay and acrylic paint, you can transform an old vase. To do this, you can also cook independently modeling paste: 250 grams of PVA glue, the same amount of toothpaste and starch. Draw on paper you like the pattern and start modeling parts for the decoration of the vase according to the drawings. You can, as an option, fly out a flower. To do this, you need to form petals, stem, core of clay flowers. After that, you need to wait until all the details dry, usually it will take 12 hours. If the clay is baked, then the drying time will significantly decrease.

Next, acrylic paint is taken, the necessary colors are mixed with varnish and applied to the educated details. Applying evenly to the surface, it is necessary to let it dry for 10 hours. After that, the parts can be glued to the vase. As soon as the composition is completed, the surface of the vessel is painted with paints for decoration and leave the vase dry.

Desktop, a stubborn bedside table, a shelf in a bathroom or a coffee table will decorate a small bouquet. To maintain flowers in the room, you can take the fabric of the same color. Of the 6 identical tissue petals, each flower is folded, after which they are sewn together. The core can be built from a cut traffic jam. All parts are glued to a dry branch, which can be found in the courtyard of the house or in the park.

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