New linoleum

Many of those people who rent apartments for a long time are faced with such a problem that sooner or later you have to do repairs. And it is natural that no one will be overhauled by someone else’s living space. But so often I want to refresh the room for myself.

Work that are carried out, usually whitewashing, painting and possibly pasting new wallpapers, less often replacing linoleum. Of course, many in rented apartments do not bother by the fact that all wallpapers are completely ripped off to glue new. Only those that have departed and glue new ones on top of. There will be enough such repairs for a couple of years, and then, this is the problem of the owners or new residents.

Linoleum is a little more complicated, but if the floor is normal under the old one, and the view is spoiled only by scuffs, it can be replaced by a parquet board. The owners can explain that the floors will be warmer and softer, and sound permeability will be better.

If there are defects in the form of cracks or holes on the old linoleum, then you should look on the balcony, pantry, residues from linoleum. If you do not find, cut out not a big piece from what lies on the floor and feel free to go to the store. Usually they have pieces that will give for a penny. Choose the same in structure and thickness. If there are waves, bubbles on the old linoleum, remove them, gluing tightly to the floor, put the load on top. Replace holes and cracks with new pieces, otherwise after a couple of months everything will appear on the new linoleum. We also sit on glue, we neatly boil the joints with cold welding, which is sold in the store. Such welding chemically melts linoleum, and the seams come out homogeneous and smooth.

After the glue has dried, no waves, no holes, you can put a new linoleum. You should not do this for glue, since there will be no strong adhesion. Better use adhesive bilateral tape. And fix the places at the threshold with metal strips. At the walls, fix with skirting boards. So your repair is ready, and cheap and angry.