New trends in the selection of interior for a children’s room.

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Questions about how the children’s room should look more and more, especially in relation to children’s rooms. This is not surprising, because when choosing a style for a bedroom or living room, an adult can determine what he wants, what colors and furniture he likes and in general he can create a unique and most importantly pleasant atmosphere for the eye. In relation to the children’s room, the priorities are a little differently placed, because in this case you have to create a design, albeit not for someone else’s, but still for another person, and the usual color scheme may simply not coincide with the worldview of a small child. So, for example, it has already been instructed in society that the children’s room for a girl should be painted pink, although this is not so believed in statistics, then more than half of both small and adult ladies do not prefer this color. You can use a lot of other bright colors, such as green, light green and many shades of beige color. They make the situation warm, and it is very easy to choose children’s furniture and decorating objects for such colors. Public opinion can play on hand, if only they use it correctly. So, for example, the myth that girls love to look at themselves in the mirror for hours is, in fact, it turns out to be true in other things like a large amount of clothing that needs to be stored somewhere, which means that the purchase of another or two cabinets will not be too overall size not at all superfluous for the children’s room. When designing a style in a room for girls, it is worth taking into account the factor of age, because at a small age, girls like to draw, and love the drawings themselves, which are located on the wallpaper, but in adolescence, as a rule, preferences change, so wallpaper and generally all finishing material need to be selected at the discretion of the child.