News in the wallpaper market

Some time ago, huge difficulties arose with the acquisition of wallpaper. Finding good quality wallpaper was a huge problem. Gradually, this problem was solved, and the wallpaper market now provides a huge number of options for any person of interest. The wallpaper differs in price and quality, but now absolutely unexpected options have arisen, which will be discussed below. Rife Buran will come in handy in the repair.

New types of wallpaper

Liquid wallpaper is of certain popularity, which are the average version between decorative plaster and roller wallpaper, which are familiar to all. The advantage is that the material of manufacturing is environmentally friendly. Apply them to a concrete wall or to drywall, as a result there is a seamless surface. It can be both embossed and smooth, applied on the basis of paper, which is covered with embossing and patterns. A special plus in their wear resistance, it is very easy to wash them. From wood veneer, wallpaper is applied to the base, which consists of a dense in nature of the paper.

A canvas, which is called glass wallpaper, woven from a glass thread. The main plus is that they are very resistant to chemical influences. Respectively and are used where this stability is needed. Without losing the texture, withstand numerous repairs and painting. Do not forget about linkerist and tafing wallpaper, which are not yet so common, but confidently conquer their positions. Equipment for the production of paving slabs can help to repair a house. There are also metal wallpapers that are characterized by excellent wear resistance and easy to wash them. When gluing on the wall, use dispersion glue instead of the usual.