Normalized working capital

The following types of short -term loans may be provided for enterprises:

for needs related to financing documents for products on the way;

to cover seasonal and excess residues of raw materials and basic materials, fuel, semi -finished products and openings;

for major repairs in the event that the volume planned in a separate quarter exceeds the accrued depreciation accrued for major repairs;

to cover overhead costs (workshop and entertainment) in seasonal factories in the off -season;

for temporary production needs arising in the entrance of the plan.

Loans for settlement documents on the way are provided to supplier enterprises for shipped and released goods and work and services, if calculations with customers are carried out in the order of acceptance. Documents serving the basis for obtaining a loan are registers of invoices of payment requirements transferred to the bank to receive amounts due from suppliers.

Loans for seasonal and excess reserves of raw materials, basic materials, fuel, etc. D. provided by the bank for a certain period, when justifying the economic feasibility and production necessity of these loans.

Loans for excess residues of incomplete production and semi -finished products of their own production are provided by the bank if the formation of these residues is caused by seasonality of production, overfulfillment of the production plan, harvesting semi -finished products during the upcoming planned repair of equipment, interruptions in the supply of the enterprise, special orders of higher organizations, etc. D.