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The peculiarity of the repair in the children’s room is that it cannot be the same twice. The fact is that children grow at a very high speed, in connection with which their needs are changing and. Parents must “adjust” the interior of this room for those requests that unconsciously or even completely consciously come from the child. But there are general rules in this matter.

At whatever the child is, his room should be quite spacious and bright. It is necessary that there is enough space for calm preparation of lessons and for outdoor games. Furniture and all finishing materials can only be of high quality. Then you can not worry about the child’s security.

>If you carry out repair measures with your own hands, first you should think over all the actions well.

When choosing windows, quite serious problems arise. In particular, much greater noise and thermal insulation, which in the case of a nursery are very important, will be able to provide plastic windows. But wood products are distinguished by absolute naturalness. If there is such a financial opportunity, it is better to use wooden windows, but only because they have increased thermal insulation.

The finish should also be carried out only with natural materials. Well, paper wallpaper is suitable in this case. They are absolutely safe, but quickly spoil. They may be liquid wallpaper as an alternative. For the floor you can use a laminate or natural carpet.

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