Plastic windows: features of design solutions

Overhaul in any residential premises is very often associated with the replacement of old window openings with new ones of polyvinyl chloride. After all, the internal microclimate of the apartment, noise insulation, as well as the appearance of the room depends on this. The cost of products depends on many parameters, but in which case you can buy plastic windows in installments. And one of the criteria in the formation of the final price is the form and design, where there are practically no restrictions on your desires.

Original ideas

PVC windows are good just because they can give them the most different view in the production process. And non -standard solutions will be able to radically change the style of your home or apartment and highlight it against the background of others.

Here are the main methods of individualization:

Choosing a form. Although the manufacture and installation of unusual windows requires more skill and time, but the final result is worth. Rectangular windows are considered classic, but many manufacturers offer other options. It can be triangular, trapezoidal, round, arched, oval, etc.

Different methods of decoration. Today, patterned or relief glasses are most often used, as well as layout. The latter implies the division of the double -glazed window into zones, which can be different in shape (rectangular, rhomboid, rounded).

Furniture. The appearance of the windows can also change special types of handles. For example, models inlaid with precious or semiprecious stones.

The color of the frame. Non -standard options are the easiest way to stand out. For this, lamination techniques for marble, wood, silver, etc. are used. or with a false relayer. Glass can also be made with color.

Much of the above is combined with each other. But do not forget about a sense of proportion so as not to «overdo».