Playing the ceiling with wallpaper

Before you start the planned pasting of your ceiling with wallpaper, you should first prepare it. You should get rid of the old ceiling finish, and then make its entire surface even. You can do this with a starting and finish putty, as well as primers. After making sure that your ceiling is smooth enough, proceed to it with wallpaper.

The choice of wallpaper, given their diversity in the market, should not be difficult. The most preferred options are moisture -resistant wallpaper that can be washed. Vinyl and non -woven wallpaper have proven themselves well. Choose shades and texture based on the interior of the entire room as a whole. Light wallpaper is well suited for rooms with small area, while the dark color visually reduces the space.

In the process, you will need roulette, level, scissors, spatula, pencil, stationery knife, container for breeding glue and rollers. First of all, install the plates, stable enough so that you, without fear, can walk on them. Ordinary tables are quite suitable for this task. Accurately following the instructions, dilute the glue. Make a primary pencil mark on the ceiling, then prepare the wallpaper roll and apply glue to it. At the same time, note that not all wallpapers need glue processing.

Cover with glue and the surface of the ceiling itself. Next, start gluing the ceiling with wallpaper. Carefully make sure that the first strip lay correctly. If she falls obliquely, then all subsequent stripes of the wallpaper will move, which will greatly ruin the appearance of the ceiling. Get rid of the bubbles formed on the first canvas. Then glue all the subsequent stripes to the previous one. Finally, when the wallpaper gluing is completed, remove the extra edges.

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