Roof coating with soft tiles

The bitumen roof, also known under the names of the soft tile or soft roof, was developed as a cheap analogue of expensive natural tiles, which has five times less weight and three times lower price. Little weight is one of the main advantages of this material, because it allows you to reduce the costs of laying a strong foundation, the construction of massive walls and the construction of strong rafters.

Soft tile, often called roofing tiles, is a compact size that has a figured neckline on one edge. One such sheet simulates several sheets of natural tiles at once, which is why the roof covering with soft tiles by professionals does not take as much time as laying ceramic coating. In its properties and structure, this material is close to rolled coatings like roofing roofing and toly.

The soft tile is based on fiberglass, on which a persistent layer of bitumen is applied. The front surface can be decorated with colored mineral or stone chips, giving the material attractive color shades and creating additional protection against harmful factors. Typically, such tiles are attached to the surface of the roof with nails, but if this is impossible to do, a special self -adhesive tile is used.

Soft tiles are produced in a wide variety of forms, including in the form of a rectangle, waves, hexagons, trapezoids and so on. This allows buyers to choose an option that is most suitable for their country house. Bitumen tile is equally well suited both for laying on a new roof, and for the reconstruction of the old. Moreover, it can be applied directly on top of old bitumen coatings, which in this case will play the role of a lining carpet.