Service for downloading videos from Tik Tok: advantages of using

The social network of short videos is constantly growing and updated with new content. Many users want to download videos to their devices for convenient viewing at any time. However, this procedure is difficult, so it is suggested to use the specialized TikTok download online service.

Features of the service

The platform provides this opportunity. This is a special site through which you can quickly, and without watermarks on the image, download the video you like, save it on your computer, laptop or smartphone, and send it to friends and acquaintances without restrictions.

The file is downloaded in HD resolution, that is, 1920×1080 and MP4 format. In other words, the user receives a high-quality, full-fledged video. The process is simple and goes like this:

  1. The user finds the video content he likes.
  2. The Share feature is used when the link is copied as a URL.
  3. Next, this address is entered in the search bar on the service website
  4. The download button is clicked and the user receives a video without a watermark to interfere with viewing.

This service is available on any operating system, including Android on mobile devices.

Benefits of the service

This type of service is free for users, they can use the service an unlimited number of times. No registration or entering of your personal data is required. The system ensures anonymity of actions and does not transmit information to the network or other organizations.

No installation of additional software is required, everything is done through the browser by navigating through Tik Tok and the site offering the service. In addition to videos, you can download audio files in MP3 format and with a high-quality audio track.

The service also offers a Facebook video downloader through the getmyfb project. The procedure occurs in a similar way, resulting in high-quality content with the ability to save it to the device selected by the user.

Both systems operate on the principles of free, unlimited downloading, and confidentiality.

The service developers are aimed at attracting any groups of users, so they have simplified the procedure as much as possible and made it secure. Viruses and Trojans will not penetrate the service; the system operates with complete user protection.

It is worth considering that you can only download data from public accounts on TikTok; for private accounts you need to obtain permission from their owner.