Soil processing as the initial stage of the landscape design project

Not everyone knows that the crop on it depends on how the soil is processed. With proper processing, the Earth receives: improving water and air regime, increasing the availability of nutrients, the best maintenance of heat, etc. D. Therefore, when buying a site, you need to take care of their processing.

Autumn processing

You need to start processing the soil in the fall after harvesting. The bed is first dug up, and then evenly harvested with a rake. Such processing allows you to destroy perennial weeds and part of the pathogens of the disease from the Earth, since they come to the surface and freeze in winter.

Dig a bed for about 35-40 cm. After such a digging in the spring it will only be necessary to loosen and leaks with rakes. And heavier lands have to dig up again.

Spring processing

The soil begins to dig only when it is ready for this, that is, it lags behind the shovel, crumbles and does not smear. If this time is not guessing, then this will lead to drying the earth, and it turns out rough, when dug up, lumps appear that are very difficult to grind and then even popular plants that take root in the most unfavorable conditions will grow poorly.

The cultivation of the Earth should be treated in approximately the same as with a small child (do everything on time). When processing is carried out on time, then the seeds that are planted in it fall into optimal conditions for germination.

Subsequently, we see on our tables: juicy tomatoes, aromatic cucumbers, fried young zucchini and many other garden plants.

What is brought to stores in our time, and nearby does not stand with those products that are grown with their own hands. It is necessary to respect and properly care for the ground on which we live, and which feeds us.