Special concrete additives

Special concrete additives

Increasingly, we meet with the use of special additives for concrete, with the construction of different buildings: since they significantly increase not only the quality of concrete, but also improve the speed and reliability of its setting and hardening.

Why are specially special additives for concrete

Surely, many citizens have matured the question: why special additives for concrete are required, if the production of concrete is made with the latest technology, and in the manufacture of the mixture, all standards were withstanded?

The answer to the question posed is quite simple: any concrete, of the highest quality, can always improve, and why neglect this opportunity? In addition, the well -thought -out composition of concrete makes it possible, not only strengthen concrete, but also improve its operational characteristics.

Moreover, the builders have the prospect of taking into account all the nuances of the future construction of the building, while they can easily improve their products.

Types of special additives for concrete

At this time, many different concrete additives are used in the production of concrete. And they are divided mainly into such categories:

one. Concrete additives that have effects on the wear resistance of concrete and give the speed of hardening and setting cement.

2 . Anti -control additives that allow concrete at minus temperatures.

3. Additives that improve the concrete fortress.

four. Coloring concrete additives working as concrete pigments.

As it became clear from the above, additives for concrete, considerable amount. In the case of concrete, you should closely be interested in all the properties of concrete additives, because the only way it is possible to achieve the most good results when building.