Tapestry and its properties in the formation of design.

Furniture plays a paramount task in forming the interior of the room and all housing, only it is often very difficult to choose this or that furniture, for example, if the repair was made for a long time, and you don’t want to do a new one or not. Sofas or chair can simply grow old and you need to buy another and naturally that it may simply not fit into the overall picture. What to do in this case? You can use the tapestry. This fabric is upholstery for furniture, such as an armchair, sillas, sofas and beds, General, any of the types of furniture where a person sits down, or lie down. Tapestry, can give even outstanding furniture, some kind of unique shade. The tapestry appeared at the beginning of 15 siglo, and then he was very popular among noble people, but now this type of decoration can afford everything, and the technology has made the fabric durable and diverse in all aspects. Material, from which they produce upholstery, can be natural or synthetic, this practically does not play the roles, except for the price, and if a person does not have any principles regarding natural materials. Sewing the tapestry is produced manually or on machines in three layers, using nodes that give that famous strength. Such nodes can be vertical or horizontal, but due to the high density of the threads, the difference is almost not noticeable. Para, so that the fabric lasts in the proper condition for more than one year, you need to maintain it and take care of it. Así, for example, tapestry can be subjected to chemical cleaning, pero, in no case is it that water would remain on the fabric. It is also not recommended to use upholstery on furniture, which stands on the street or in front of the window, from where the straight rays of the sun come from where. From this, the material simply fades out.