The characteristics of marble

Translated from Greek, the word «marble» denotes «» a brilliant stone in the sun «. It was for this ability that at one time he was appreciated by people, and only then they drew attention to his other excellent operational properties, such as high strength and resistance to scratches. In the rays of the sun, this stone is literally transformed, which allows you to make products from it unusually beautiful.

Marble mosaic, performed using small pieces of multi -colored marble, is very popular. If its drawing is characterized by increased complexity, and is not limited to simple ornaments alone, then such a mosaic is called the panel. It will not work to make a marble panel yourself, since it is difficult to do without the help of a specialist in this matter. The decorative panel made of marble made by a talented artist will be an excellent decoration of the home.

Despite its high hardness, marble as finishing material is extremely plastic, it is easily mechanical processing, such as grinding or polishing or polishing. When impacts, it does not split, which allows you to make statues and other products of complex shape from it. At the same time, the minimum service life is at least two hundred years. Marble is not afraid of moisture, so it is actively used for decoration of pools, bathrooms and fountains.

It is frost -resistant, therefore it can be used for external cladding of buildings even in an area with a harsh climate. He is also not afraid of high temperatures, so he often finds use as a material for facing fireplaces. Marble is natural material, so it can be environmentally friendly and can easily be used to decorate residential premises. You can make anything from it — figurines and columns, staircases and wall panels, tiles and countertops, window sills and vases.