The device of ventilation systems and methods for their installation.

Today, many modern office buildings of various designs are being built. In some buildings with a glass surface of the outer walls, it is often impossible to open even a window for the sake of a common design. Therefore, such buildings provide a central system of ventilation and air conditioning. If desired, fans for the home and channel office can be installed in a room with an already completed repair, but it will be easier to carry out these works at the construction stage or repair of the building. Channel ventilation allows you to maintain a pleasant atmosphere indoors, while a quiet and cozy situation remains in it due to the fact that the windows for ventilation can not be opened and as a result, noise from the street does not interfere with work. Ventilation can also be equipped with an additional filter for air purification.

Typically, the channel ventilation is arranged in such a way that only ventilation grilles are visible indoors, and the system itself is hidden behind a suspended ceiling or inside the walls. The fan, as the largest source of noise, try to place as far as possible from the premises in which people work, in some buildings it is located on the roof or technical floor. The air conditioning is also usually connected to the duct of the ventilation system, while the ventilation system will not only ventilate the room, but also maintain a microclimate in it. Such a system also allows you to not install additional heating systems in the room, since the room can heat up with warm air through ventilation. All this allows you to design rooms with free layout, which in turn allows designers to further realize all their creative ideas when repairing or decorating the premises.