The dishwasher does not fill with water: causes and solutions

A dishwasher is a faithful assistant to every housewife. It makes it possible to save a lot of time and effort on washing dishes. Refrigerator repair, you need to seek help from specialists. But why doesn’t the dishwasher fill with water?

Clogged water filter

Check the water inlet valve filter and clean it if necessary. A clogged element may prevent liquid from flowing into the dishwasher. That is why it needs to be monitored regularly.

Faulty inlet valve

Check if the inlet valve is working properly. If the element opens incorrectly, then it is worth replacing it. Otherwise, water will not be drawn into the dishwasher. Kenmore appliance repair should only be performed by professionals.

Damaged water supply hose

Check the condition of the water supply hose. It must not be damaged or dirty. If suddenly the need arises, this part must be replaced.

Problems with the water level sensor

Check the water level sensor in the household appliance tank. The element must be cleaned of dirt. If suddenly it is damaged, then it is worth replacing it. Thanks to this, the operation of the equipment will be restored.

Faulty water supply pump

Check if the water supply pump is working. If suddenly it does not work, then it is worth replacing it. Only in this case will the liquid be drawn back into the household appliances.

Problems with the control board

The control board must not be damaged. It is also worth excluding short circuits. Replace the board if necessary. However, this issue should be resolved by professionals.

Closed water supply tap

Make sure the water supply valve is actually open. In some cases, you may have accidentally closed it, so liquid is not flowing into the equipment.

More serious damage

In some cases, quite important elements of the system fail. Thorough equipment diagnostics using computer equipment in practice will help you find the exact problems.

Before carrying out any repair work on your dishwasher, always disconnect it from the electrical outlet. If you are not confident in your repair skills, it is better to entrust electric appliance repair to a service center. Don’t forget to regularly clean your dishwasher filters and hoses to avoid any problems in the future!