The illusion of the interior

Small -sized modern Khrushchevs does not allow everyone to achieve the desired interior. There is constantly lack of space, and they try to use every useful centimeter in their apartment. Of course, you can try to find the necessary middle ground and make at least visually your room is more spacious and comfortable and design the apartment project as you want.

The main thing is to properly dispose of the functionality and correctly execute the zoning of this area. You need to accurately use the entire space and try to visually correct the situation. At this time, there are many techniques with which you can change your perception of space.

The first thing that will help at the same time is the use of reflective surfaces, they can be mirror. Visually, this will significantly increase the size of your room. You can use lamps that are located around the perimeter of the walls, and thereby, as it were, they spread them, and visually make the room wider.

If you decorate your walls using darker colors from below, and they will be much lighter to the top, then it will also play a role in increasing the room. To achieve your goals, you can use narrow paintings on the walls, or vertical curtains. They will especially win next to a light, almost weightless tulle. If you yourself cannot cope with such a problem, then you can resort to the help of professionals who correctly calculated your area, make the perfect design of the room, taking into account all your wishes.

After all, it is not always just to solve such a problem, especially if you are already used to this room. At the same time, it is always better to use a fresh look, which can really evaluate the whole situation. At the same time, you can get a wonderful room, and most importantly, it will be unexpected, because the designer, given your wishes, will certainly bring a fresh note to the new interior.