The inconvenience of housing

Now in the real estate market you can find a variety of options for apartments and houses from chic housing to no large and rather modest rooms. In view of the not large social value of housing, which does not have high -quality comfort, many people resort to the purchase of such property, which then they regret. Why? According to the standards for the family, there should be an area of ​​no more than 18 square meters, but it is clear to anyone that such a quadrature will definitely not have sufficient comfort, so everyone is trying to place several rooms in one at once. So as not to rummage in the design articles from small apartments, it is worth choosing the best at once. So, for example, you can often find apartments where the windows overlook 3 at the same time, but it is better that the windows would go to two sides, but at the same time they were located to the sides of the east-west, by the way, wooden windows must be treated with an antiseptic, and wood treatment with an antiseptic, This is a business of professionals, such as Nort-UDM. Natural light in this case will be maximum. In addition, the ceilings should be slightly above three meters, since it is precisely such a height that will allow the use of large windows and you can place them optimally in the height of the room, and not under the gender itself. Such large windows make housing light and open, and, accordingly, visually increases the quadrature. To save as much space as possible, you can place two in the same room at once. For example, it will be better to immediately transfer the dining rooms to the kitchen so as not to spend a place in the living room or bedroom. The same can be done with the bathroom, namely, combined with the toilet. This is already a kind of layout that you need to get permission, but usually the wall that separates the bathroom from the toilet is not loading, which means that the permission to conduct the layout can be done very quickly and easily, does not spend large funds on it.