The insulation of the apartment with foam

Today, far from every high -rise building can boast, the presence of heat in apartments. Residents suffer from cold, damp and mold in their homes. But, this position can easily be fixed by hearing the walls with foam.

For insulation, you will need: dense foam in the sheets, primer, putty, tile, and also the TSSP plate may come in handy.

First, clean all the walls in the apartment or room, which you plan to insulate. Clean them of wallpaper and the remnants of the old putty. Do not leave exfoliating areas at the same time.

The purified walls should be carefully treated with a primer in order to eliminate all dust and prepare them for work.

Then dilute the tile glue and apply it to the wall with a brush, then glue the foam. So pushing the entire surface of the walls, while trying not to leave large cracks at the joints of the foam. In general, the method of pasting walls with polystyrene is similar to the technique used in laying tiles.

After pasting all the walls, you should dump the gaps that appeared at the joints, for this all the same tile glue is used. It is important in the insulation work not to use plaster or putty, which contains gypsum, since such mixtures can pass through themselves cold and moisture into the room.

Next, dilute the putty for the starting finish and thresh over the entire surface of the walls on top of the foam. After the final putting down, repeat the process again, but the second time use the putty for finishing, achieving the maximum possible leveling of surfaces.

And the last stage. With the help of sandpaper or special grid mounted on a grinding bar, polish all the irregularities on the walls of the room, trying to make the walls smooth. After highlight the walls one more time and paste them with wallpaper or cover with paint.