The main detail of the interior is the door!

This statement at first glance may seem strange to you, the main detail, but what about a good repair in the apartment, household appliances, expensive furniture, the same lamps, popular to date, suspended ceilings, how to be with this, these are not at all important details?

Let’s look at what a positive impression of a new interior in the apartment is made up. The interior assessment occurs, for the first time and a positive or negative review occurs instantly. Moreover, a person is arranged in this way, his first impression, no matter what he would see, will still give a general assessment at the first impression.

If you put himself in the place of a person who for the first time comes to evaluate the interior, then the first thing you see is the hallway, no furniture, kitchen set or hanging ceilings, you do not see an expensive branded plumbing or finished loggia.

The first thing you will see, of course, will be the doors. Since, all the rooms of the apartment, one way or another, lead to the corridor, and one of them will be visible, for example, five -room apartment, five doorways are visible, for example, one of them. And we will not consider reflections from the cabinets and mirrors that are installed in the hallway, and doors with mirrors in the hallway from ceiling to floor.

It is worth noting that in today’s interior, the doors no longer merge with the wall, but on the contrary, the tone of the doors is selected so that it is significantly different from the color of the walls. The size of the doorway is small, but you will involuntarily pay attention to this color spot, and a spot of impressive sizes about 2 meters high and 1 meter wide, you will not pass in any way. This is if the doors are single, if they are double, then the width is more than one and a half times and is 1.5 meters.

So when you conceive the repair, pay more attention to interior doors, this is an integral part of the modern interior, the door is such a thing in an apartment that is often used, therefore, you should not save on quality to save.