The most female place in any house is a toilet table used to store various cosmetic supplies. For example, here you can store a solid nail polish Impress / or some other object necessary for manicure. Buy hard nail polish is best in a trusted store, for example, on the site / at an affordable price. In this case, you can be completely calm for your nails — they will not only be beautiful, but also reliably protected. When the nail polish is not used, it can be put in one of the toilet table.

There are countless different designs of toilet tables on the domestic market, but they are all similar to each other in that they have a large mirror, a working countertop, several drawers and shelves. Moreover, when choosing such furniture, one fact needs to be taken into account — the more different departments in it, the greater the functionality it will be possible to achieve.

Perhaps the most important detail in the toilet table is a mirror. According to statistics, on average, a person spends at least a year for his life at least a year. Therefore, it should be very high quality, not having chips and distortion of reflection. The best option is a bronze mirror, but more affordable and common are glass mirrors equipped with a silver -plated rear side of the back.

Many women love jewelry, which, with improper storage, can scratch and lose their beautiful view. Therefore, the toilet table should have several special boxes for storing jewelry, upholstered from the inside with a soft cloth. It is also necessary to make sure that the table is perfectly lit, because making makeup in twilight is not pleasant pleasure. It is desirable that such a table has its own built -in illumination.