The nuances of the construction of the bath

Owners of suburban plots very often build baths on them. Of course, due to the specifics of this building, the process of its construction is quite complex and time -consuming. Therefore, it is best to entrust it to the experienced brigade of masters who will take into account all the nuances and subtleties of this work. It is recommended to carry out construction according to the finished, time -tested projects. Their assortment is large, so a specific customer will always select the option suitable for himself and his family. But if desired, as well as the presence of extra money, you can order a compilation of an individual project.

It should be remembered that the main task of the bath is to detain the heat indoors for as much time as possible, so that everyone has time to accept water procedures and properly steal in the steam room. Therefore, windows in this house are always made small to reduce heat loss. On the other hand, you can just buy PVC windows with multi -layer glass packet, which effectively hold heat, but their size will be in this case more. Today you can buy PVC windows in specialized firms, as well as order their production on your own drawings and sizes.

The steam room is an ideal place for relaxation and relaxation, removing fatigue and putting her thoughts in order, as well as thorough healing of the body. It is recommended to use jadeite, porphythitis or raspberry quartz as bath stones that keep high temperatures for a long time and allowing steam for a long time. But nevertheless, the best choice is precisely porphythitis, durable and durable, not cracking from constant temperature changes that does not fear strong heating.