The pluses of stretch ceilings

Choosing material for the ceiling, professionals advise stopping the consumer to choose their choice on the new product of finishing materials- stretch ceilings. Their advantages over the conservative solution of the ceiling coating are huge.Stretch ceilings have the following advantages:

one. Such a ceiling can change the geometry of the room and radically change the interior.

2. The stretch ceiling is famous for its durability, the average service life is 18-20 years from the date of installation.

3. The practicality of such ceilings is beyond any competition. Stretch ceilings are not deformed, not crumbled, they can perfectly hide the electric wiring, network cables, ventilation and condition systems, and all possible defects in the ceiling surface.

four. Mounted quite easily and quickly, installation takes 7-8 hours.

5. It is not very difficult to care for a stretch ceiling. Dust does not stick to them, since the surface of the stretch ceiling is not electrostatic at all. Enough only wipe it with a damp cloth.

6. Stretch ceilings, like finishing material not expensive.

7. The composition of which consists of a stretch ceiling consists of no harmful substances, such a ceiling does not pollute the room and air in it, it is completely environmentally friendly.

eight. The suspended ceilings have high noise insulation, fire safety and thermal insulation.

9. Stretch ceiling has increased water resistance. He is able to hold about a hundred liters of water of any temperature per square meter.

ten.The choice of color shade, gamma and textures of suspended ceilings is huge and can decorate any interior.

The disadvantage of suspended ceilings can only be considered that they require the correct installation, and for this you need to contact specialists who own their installation technology. This ceiling cannot be installed independently, and if the technology is violated and the stretch ceiling is not correct, it can lose its beneficial properties.