The washing machine does not take in water: causes and solutions, recommendations from professionals

A washing machine is a household appliance without which modern housewives cannot imagine their lives. It makes it possible to wash various clothes efficiently and quickly without wasting valuable time. Find out more information on manny appliances about washing machine breakdowns, because even the most expensive equipment is not insured against them. Let’s consider the reasons that influence the fact that household appliances do not fill with water.

Checking the water supply

First of all, you should make sure that water is supplied to the washing machine. Make sure that the valve on the tap is not blocked. It is also worth checking the water supply hoses. They should not be twisted or damaged.

Inlet filter

It is necessary to carefully inspect those filters that are located at the water inlet into the washing machine. They may be dirty, preventing fluid from filling the equipment properly. If a problem is found, thoroughly clean the filter or install a new element.

Pump check

Pay attention to the pump that the washing machine is equipped with. If it does not work correctly, then water will not be drawn into the household appliances. A damaged or failed pump must be replaced.

Water level sensor

Sometimes the sensor that monitors the water level becomes damaged or fails. As a result, the liquid is not collected correctly and the amount is not enough to start the wash cycle. This element must also be replaced.

Electricity problems

Check if the washing machine is receiving electrical power. If it is not connected correctly or there are problems with the electrical system, the equipment will not function stably. All electrical problems should be repaired by experienced technicians. You can order repairs on manny appliance right now.

Blockages in hoses

In some situations, the water supply and drainage hoses become dirty or blocked. Carefully check these elements for blockages and correct any problems found.

Control valve

Another important element of equipment design. If it becomes damaged or blocked, water will not flow into the appliance properly. It is worth replacing the deformed valve to eliminate the problem.


Often the malfunction is associated with failures in the hardware software. Try rebooting it or resetting the program.

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