The waterproofing of the foundation

The base of our house must be protected from soil moisture. You need to do this at the beginning of construction. If the foundation is made of stone or brick, waterproofing is laid at a small height, about 20-25 cm. When hiding the floor on the beams, insulation must be done below these beams by 10-15 cm.

Types of waterproofing

— Cast waterproofing. Use molten asphalt or hot mastic. The layer itself should not be below 4 cm. Make sure that there are no cracks and stratification.

— Coloring waterproofing. Made from a mixture of resin with plastic, as well as bitumen mastic. You need to apply it in three layers. This type of waterproofing is used in places with dry soil. The best basis is considered — polymer.

— Leaf waterproofing. This type is made of steel sheets and plastic. This waterproofing is the most expensive. And also is the most time -consuming and difficult to manufacture.

— Waterproofing waterproofing. Apply rolls and sheets of flexible materials: roofing material, brisol, fiberglass and polyethylene.

— Plastering waterproofing. It is done in 2 ways:

• asphalt, which is used only in a viscous preheated state

• cement-sand, here the surface is poured with liquid concrete using sealing additives. Made in three layers. The thickness of the fill is no 3 cm.

Each separate type of waterproofing has its advantages, as well as difficulties in execution.

Types of compositions:

— compositions added to a solution of concrete as stability from high frost;

— compositions that protect concrete from the destruction of moisture and water;

— compositions used by clogging holes;

Working with waterproofing, care is necessary and attention. Negligent performance contributes to the risk of destruction of the building.

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