Today it is quite difficult to do without such equipment as a pneumatic rivet. This is due to the fact that this device makes it possible to perform a quick installation, as well as increase the reliability of the structure. In order for you to be able to use these equipment, you should get acquainted with its features.

This procedure is extremely simple and does not require any dexterity. First, you need to attach details to the window frames and mark the place where exactly you need to use the pneumatic rivet. Initially, you need to degrease the frames with napkins, which should be included in the kit. After that, it is necessary to bend the protective strip on a double -sided tape and the shape of the checkmark should bend. For better fixation, it is necessary to warm the two third -party adhesive tape and the place where we will glue it. Gently attach the part to the intended places, pressing on one side with your hand, peel off the tape from two third -party glue, leading your hand behind it.

The installation of the main elements with the help of a pneumatic rivet is considered a rather simple process. This installation is about 5 minutes. It is necessary to lower all the carcasses of the car, install the deflector in the guide guards of the glass. If it does not fit a little in shape, take it out and carefully bend it, trying not to break it to the desired shape, and insert it again. As a rule, the front deflectors are kept due to the spacers of the guide glass, and the rear ones have gluing with double -sided tape around the perimeter.

Attention: Chinese cheap pneumatic rivet often have an acute edge and can ruin glass and glass of glass, in such devices it is better to round the edge before installation. With factory (high -quality) devices, this does not happen. But they can not always be found for all types of cars, so you have to be content with adhesive or Chinese.