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You have a desire to engage in the landscape design of your garden, and to use the services of a designer is very expensive? Our article will tell you where to start and how to create a kindergarten of your dreams. So, about everything in order.

First design the virtual model of your garden. It will help you navigate what landscape structures and plants you need. You probably have a question, but where to get the idea of ​​designing. Here you can safely turn to literature, the Internet or sit down and fantasize a little. There are also currently many programs designed for design. With their help, you can create a voluminous picture of your garden and see how your creation will look in the future in a few years. So, the project is ready and you need to move on.

It is necessary to develop a work schedule and write it down. Next, proceed to their implementation, but remember that if you want to change something, it is better to do it now. Then it will be too problematic to make adjustments. First, do all the rough work: install the drainage system, conduct communications, prepare a platform for planting trees. If some work is now impossible to do, then prepare the area and equipment for them in advance. As for the budget, remember that you should be ready in case of unforeseen expenses. Good luck to you!

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