Variants of using ceramic tiles: interesting solutions

The popularity of the use of ceramic tiles has always been at a fairly high level. The explanation of this can be found in the features of this material, which is characterized by excellent strength, as well as moisture resistance. It is used if it is necessary to lay out the surface of the floor or walls in the bathroom or in the kitchen. It should also be noted that at the moment there are an incredibly large number of design options for ceramic tiles.

It must be understood that such an impressive variety of varieties of this material imposes a very big responsibility on the owners of the dwellings. A fundamental difference exists between two types of ceramic tiles: floor and wall. You should also correctly choose the texture. Pick up excellent Petalian tiles mono on the site Tagina-Imola.

For example, for the floor, tiles with a rough surface will be more appropriate. Otherwise, one day you can just slip. If material for walls is selected, it is better to give preference to the tile that has a flat surface. It is quite difficult in the conditions of such a rich choice to choose the appearance of the material. In this case, you can use some rules.

If tiles with a pattern are purchased, on the floor and on the walls it should be different. There is no such rule regarding the color. But if the room in which the styling is performed has small sizes, the floor and lower part of the walls in dark colors should be finished, and the upper half of the room in the light.

A large pattern on the tile is appropriate only if the room is quite large. Small drawing is good to use in bathrooms characterized by small sizes. A fairly fashionable option for decorating tile masonry is the use of tiled borders. They are located on the border between tiles of different colors.

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