Vintage in landscape design

Today is in fashion a passion for antiquity and all kinds of antiques. But these things are mostly insanely expensive. Vintage comes to the rescue, which looks no worse. In this case, materials that can be aged artificially are used. Vintage gradually penetrates every corner of our life. Today, designers are especially passionate about them, skillfully entering them into any interior. This fate and landscape design did not pass.

First of all, they rushed to age all kinds of old furniture and garden utensils. Agree that an old wooden armchair or forged table will give your garden a notes of romance and nostalgia. And any garden utensils, which gleams in the sun with overflow of silver or copper, gives the notes of chic and nobility.

Also today on sale is a huge selection of «ancient» ceramics. And these are not only flower pots or molds for flower beds, but also paving slabs. Having made her track in your garden, you can walk along it in the same way as, perhaps, our great -grandmothers paced. But in fact, every flower pot in the style of vintage is a whole work of art, and is produced in a limited series. So why not decorate your personal alley with such an exclusive?

Believe me, using vintage things in landscape design, you not only give tribute to fashion, but also create an exclusive. Rest in such an atmosphere will add to you nobility and tranquility.

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