Ways of visual increase in the room

The constraint and lack of free space act as those factors because of which a person may feel uncomfortable. The stress accumulated due to constant in such conditions is poured not only in a depressed mood, but also in real diseases.

But what to do if the apartment does not differ in a large area, and to purchase a new, more comfortable housing is not possible? Then you can turn to the methods of visual increase in the space that is at the disposal. Here are the main of them.

one. «Move» the ceiling. Of course, this refers to the figurative meaning of this phrase. It is necessary to achieve the illusion that the ceiling is higher than in fact. You can achieve this if you install any of the options for a glossy stretch ceiling. Although some of the height of the room will be lost, but in return it will come to a feeling of spaciousness. If you add a correctly selected lighting option, the effect will be much stronger.

2. Choose a suitable color scheme. The general perception of the room depends on the color of the walls in which the walls are made. There should not be gloomy injection shades, large drawings on the finishing coatings should be excluded. The materials of pastel tones with small ornaments will help best in this case.

3. Hang mirrors. Everyone is well aware of this method, since it belongs to the category of «grandfathers». In fact, the best means of visual expansion of the room than the use of mirrors was not invented. The most important thing is not to overdo it with them. No need to turn into a room into a dance hall. One or two large mirrors that are at a considerable distance from each other are enough. At the same time, it is required to ensure that they do not reflect in each other.

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