We cook potato chips: the best tips and recipes

Chips, which are always made at home, differ from industrial, primarily the taste and use of exclusively natural oils and products. They can even be prepared in waffles or microwaves or in the oven. Consider several types of cooking potato chips.

«Chips in the microwave».

For cooking, we will need:

one.3 potatoes

2.1 tbsp.l sweet paprika

3.0.5 tbsp.l oil

four. a pinch of salt.

Potatoes should be cleaned and dried with a paper towel.

Then you will need to cut it with thin rings with a vegetable engine. The plate must be lubricated with olive oil and lay the rings with one even layer. After all this, sprinkle all that turned out to be paprika and salt and cook at 800 watts for 5 minutes in the microwave. During this time, the potatoes will turn out to be rosy and tasty.

Now the second recipe «Chips from potato puree».

For cooking, we need:

one.4 potatoes

2.30 gr plum.oils

3.1 egg

four. 50 ml of milk.

5. flour salt and spices.

6. vegetable (!) oil.

We start cooking by cleaning potatoes and cutting it and subsequent boiling until cooked. Then you should knead potatoes in mashed potatoes and add flour of butter and eggs, as well as milk. Everything needs to be mixed. Then pour the flour until the moment is the mass of the cream. Now you need to put spices and salt to taste. Then you need to heat the waffle iron and grease it with vegetable oil and then put the potato dough with neat movements. Close and fry. Chips must be carefully removed from the device and break them on pieces. Sprinkle with spices in addition to giving taste.

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