We equip a decorative reservoir

Probably, every owner of a suburban cottage or at least once, but thought about how good it would be to have his own pond on the territory of his site. But sometimes, it seems that this dream is not feasible and refuse it. We will talk about a decorative reservoir that does not require large skills in its development.

It is necessary that the reservoir fit into the overall picture of your site. It is necessary to decide whether the reservoir will attract all attention, located in the center or, on the contrary, will perform a surprise function. It is necessary to explore the soil and vegetation in the area of ​​the future reservoir. The form can be absolutely any.

What materials are used in its construction? The most just option is to dig a wooden barrel or an old bathroom into the ground. They must be covered with ceramic tiles. Plant plants, install forged products or statues, and your mini pond is ready. You can also purchase a finished container or shape. This requires a pit of the corresponding depth, covered with 5 cm with a sand layer. There are plastic, fiberglass, concrete forms.

What depths of the reservoir should stop? In order for the water to not chill to the bottom in the cold, the optimal depth is 80 cm or more. If water area is from 5 to 10 kV. m, you can dwell on 1m. Too deep reservoirs will cause a lot of trouble in maintaining their purity.

What plants are suitable for a small water kingdom? Naturally, there is no getting away from the nymphs and water lilies, which give a more natural appearance of the pond. Water red and water buttercup look quite beautiful. The cargolist will not give particular beauty, but your fish will create optimal living conditions.