We equip the bathroom

The modern bathroom is obliged to carry a combination of reliability, functionality and aesthetics. And this is difficult to implement in a small room. This is characteristic of the houses of the old layout, where the problem of small bathrooms is acute.

Solving this problem, many resort to redevelopment, combining a bathroom with a bathroom. This greatly simplifies the arrangement of various plumbing, but creates some inconvenience related to the use of various plumbing at the same time by several inhabitants of your apartment. Before redevelopment, several rules should be taken into account, one of which categorically prohibits the cleaning wall to remove. Any changes you have made in the apartment are necessarily agreed upon in BTI.

You can also increase the size of the bathroom without resorting to redevelopment. Enough to abandon the bath, replacing it with a shower booth. But you will not refuse everything, otherwise what kind of bathroom is it. Therefore, the optimal output will be the use of compact plumbing.

It is advisable to install a corner shower cabin, which will significantly save the area. If the presence of a bath and a shower is a necessity, then you can use a combined version.

Using a washing machine with a vertical or low -trip load will significantly save space. The installation of a washing machine should be undoubtedly a specialist.

Also, hinged toilets have become popular recently. They are more compact than the same floor. The boiler for the same reason can be placed over the toilet.

The standard sink also takes up quite a lot of space. Therefore, you can use a smaller sink, which will affect your comfort, or, more optimal, opt for the corner version of the sink.