We insulate the walls independently, the house of the house with polyurethane foam

One of the ways of warming the external walls is the installation of polystyrene foam. This is not an expensive material and it will not be a problem to buy it in a construction store. There are firms that provide services for insulation of apartments using polystyrene foam or polyurethane foam, but do -it -yourself repair will cost cheaper. And the process itself is not so complicated. I recommend that you recommend it about insulation of the house with polyurethane foam on Ecoudacha

Your primary task is to choose a heater in the store. In addition to polystyrene foam, there is also polystyrene. But the polystyrene foam wins significantly in many ways: density, thermal conductivity, strength and price. If you insulate the brick walls, then the polystyrene foam is more convenient than the foam. And this can save your time.

You will need you to conduct work on warming the outer walls:

— Saw;

— Knife;

— A hammer;

— Building level;

— Iron brush;

— Polystyrene foam;

— Primer and plaster;

— Mastic;

— Putty knife;

— Mounting foam;

— Leveling mixture;

— Dye.

First you need to prepare the walls for work. They need to be washed and aligned with a plaster. If the walls are painted, then you need to remove the entire paint. Thus, glue will better stick to the surface. If the sheets of polystyrene foam have a flat surface, then it must be treated with a brush to obtain roughness. On external window sills, install castings. A special base must be installed around the entire perimeter of the walls, which is mounted using the level. This is necessary so that there is an additional support for polystyrene foam plates. Three dowels are enough for one meter of basement. Sheets of polystyrene foam are smeared with glue and attached to the walls. Fill the formed cracks with mounting foam. Remove the excess with a knife. At the end of the wall insulation, you can start surface finishing.