We warm the walls.

It is not difficult to make a dwelling more comfortable, although you will have to make some efforts. So, you should insulate the walls with drywall. If you do everything right, then in your house it will be constantly comfortable and comfortable. Undoubtedly, this process will require certain costs from you, but in the future will reduce the costs of payment of energy resources.

You can use drywall sheets for both internal and external work. If you live in an apartment building, it is better to use the first option. This is how you can achieve the optimal result. At the same time, you can do all your work on your own. In order for you to achieve the optimal result, you should have sheets at a distance of a few centimeters. This approach will allow you not only to align the walls, but also to close communications, wires in this space.

As fasteners, you can use special profiles, self -tapping screws. Collecting the frame, following the main recommendations, is not difficult. As soon as the design is prepared, you need to place a heater in the space. So, you can use mineral wool. In the process, make sure that there are no gaps left. Otherwise, you will have to repeat all the work again. In order to fix the material, you can use the adhesive composition.

Next, drywall is installed. This process must be performed carefully, taking into account the size of the room, its features. You may need an electric jigsaw here. As fasteners, you can use self -tapping screws or dowels. Next, you can glue the walls with wallpaper, paint or use a different method.