Why you need a compass when traveling and its advantages

If a person plans to go to the mountains or to the desert, then he definitely needs to prepare a compass. This device will allow you to quickly choose an attractive direction, as well as simplify the process of orientation.

In order to use the compass, it is not necessary to buy a device. After all, now you can run the freecompass.online compass online.


Since it is quite difficult to do without a compass during a hike, each person should be able to use it.

Therefore, many users ask the question “how to read a compass”. The essence of this question is how to read the compass correctly, how to correctly use this device.

A modern compass is the device by which you can quickly set the cardinal points. With the help of such equipment, you can easily navigate.

Features of choice

Since there are a large number of compasses on sale at the moment, many people are wondering how to make the right choice. So, the first device was introduced about 100 years ago. The device was only effective at night. In addition, during the movement, the arrow constantly changed position.

Now liquid compasses are especially in demand. They are often used in orienteering sports. Inside such devices is a certain amount of liquid. Since the liquid prevents the needle from constantly moving, it can also be used while running.

As for beginners, they can use modern tablet compasses. A distinctive feature of this device is a ruler that contains pointers. A magnifying glass is also included. But before you take such a compass with you, it is worth evaluating the performance of this device.

Operation features

To take advantage of all the advantages of such devices, it is worth initially removing the latches from the arrows. Be sure to wait until the arrow is fixed in a certain position. In order for all actions to be carried out easily and quickly, a compass should be placed on the map. This will allow you to quickly and correctly determine the cardinal points and an acceptable direction. You should also study the rules for using the card in advance in order to eliminate difficulties during the journey.