Willingness to buy an apartment on credit

Each young family has a question about buying their own residence. And the first question that should get up, are they ready for such a big purchase. Indeed, most often, the buyer may not have the entire amount, then it will be necessary to take a certain amount at interest in the loan (credit, mortgage, etc.e).

What is better to choose: take an apartment, rent a room or buy a house in the suburbs. This, of Course, is an individual choice, but we will dwell on a specific situation.

Which usually becomes the main one for the creditor when making a decision to issue a loan to you:

• Your work experience. If you have a constant work for which you have worked at least two years, then you have a constant job. If your work experience is less than two years, then the creditor may interpret this that you might have seasonal work, or the organization was closed. But in any case, the creditor will check your work book so that there is official confirmation.

• Credit biography. If in the past you had experience with repayment of a loan, then your chances are increasing.

• An initial fee. You should have an accumulated amount of five percentage of the house in the suburbs.

• Have you paid your bills in time, do you have debts.

• Daily loan paying. Do not forget that in addition to repaying the loan, you have other needs. But if you, EG, rented an apartment and could pay it, then you can also pay a loan to buy your housing.

But it also happens that the creditor refuses to issue a loan, in this case you need to find out the reason for the refusal, not forgetting to ask what you will need to do in the future in order to get a loan in the future.