Your balcony

If you live in an apartment, then you, of course, have a balcony, and maybe not one. And most often it is used as a pantry or storage for unnecessary things.

But this place can be turned into one of the cozy corners of your apartment, where you will be happy to look.

And if the time has come, and you decided to improve your balcony, you need to comply with several conditions. The first is that you need to glaze the balcony.

So that the windows are not blown, it is better to use double windows. Since this market is filled with all kinds of samples at this time, you have something to choose from. If you choose plastic, it will last longer, and the price will be cheaper, but it will not let air into your room. You can choose a tree. If you look from an environmental point of view, it is much better, but it will last, of course, less.

It is also necessary to insulate the balcony, both walls and floor. Otherwise in winter, it will be cold and not comfortable there. To do this, choose the right coating. And outside it is better to sheathe as corrugated board, it is beautiful and practical. Corrugated board can be bought on the site .ua.

Decide on the choice of what such a room will be intended for. It will be nice to make a study, as there will be a lot of natural light. It is better to dye in calm color so that everything contributes to work, and does not distract from it. Wooden furniture is suitable here, you can also hang book shelves.

You can just make a corner for a cozy and relaxing rest, you can decorate like a small winter garden. It will be convenient if you are a sport amatean, place a room with simulators nearby, you can make a big game room for your children. If you are a creative person, then you can make a small, cozy workshop.

It all depends on your desire and flight of imagination, because a lot can be done with your own hands. And you will see how it will change and will delight with its appearance, such a place that is not in demand before.